Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer is Over, a Little Update and Fundraisers!!!

Well summer is over, Yay and not Yay. I love summer with my kids and I love swimming and I love warm weather, but I was ready to get the kids back in school. We did have a good summer, although we didn’t do anything big due to the fact that most of our extra money goes into Brock's bank account, yes, I set up a separate bank account just for him! Since we are fortunate enough to have a pool, we spent most of our weekends out there, so I don’t feel too bad about not taking the kids on a vacation. You should see the tan lines these girls have!! Plus Alaska adores being in the pool, she could just be in her floatie all day long if I let her. I absolutely cannot wait until next summer when I have two littles in floaties!!!!! But, ya know something; our Homestudy social worker did approve us to adopt two kids. Hmmm……..!!!! Maybe three in floaties next summer!?!?

Watermelon Party Time!!!

Loving her Floatie!
With summer being over, I am looking forward to the fall and winter holidays. I do love all of them! October holds a new special place in my heart, because it is Brocks’ birthday month! I do not know what day yet, but I am hoping it is the same day as mine! We will be doing a special fundraiser to honor his birthday, and also to get us the last monies that we need for our agency fees that will be due when we travel to meet him. We just did our fingerprints for our FBI Background checks for our USCIS approval yesterday, so that is one more step done!!!  Our plans are to have our submission dossier ready and shipped by mid October. After that, it will be translated, and submitted to the entity in Brocks country for processing, approval and registration, and then our travel date will be given, Hooray! So, with how things are going with others adopting from the same region, and with the holidays coming, I am hoping we will be traveling right after the first of the year. Like seriously, my intentions are to be on an airplane Jan. 1!!! Honestly, today would not be soon enough. But I have been told over and over, and I know this, that God’s timing is perfect and I accept that, I really do! This is His mission that He chose me and Michael for, not ours alone!
We did pretty good selling Bring Home Brock T-shirts. We raised close to $500! Thank you to all who ordered one!!! Right now, we have a SCENTSY PARTY going on, so think about someone who you need to buy a gift for and get them scentsy! You can get a jump on Christmas Shopping and help our little guy at the same time! Also, may I suggest that you avoid the crowds and do your Christmas shopping through our AMAZON LINK!  It is so easy; just use the link, shop as you normally would do any online shopping. Super easy! Amazon always has a ton of stuff with free shipping too!
God bless all of you for your prayers and help with getting our boy home! It means the world to our family, and it literally means life for him!!!

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