Friday, April 27, 2012

One of many-by Daddy

So it begins. I made my deal with my beautiful wife to start the wordsmithing (blogging for all). So I start the journey of words, through trials and tribulations - with passion, strength, and committment, we begin our journey with God's guidance to save a beautiful little boy. A little boy who I will take into my family as my own blood. Through that bond, I offer my honor and love to my new little boy to give him the life that he deserves...............


  1. He is precious!! Lori, I praise God for the work he is and has done in your lives. I very much love my nieces and am looking forward to loving my new nephew. I can't wait to hold him and kiss his precious face. I PRAISE GOD for him and for making him apart of our family!!

  2. Hello my name is Lacy and I have been one of Brocks prayer warriors for about 3 months now. I am so filled with joy that he is blessed with such a wonderful family! His name is on my mirror and I pray for him everyday while I get ready. May the Lord bless your family with all of the finances, strength and paitence you need for this journey. May His grace be aboundant for you to walk in that which He has called you! I pray that the process goes smooth and more quickly then they have ever seen before. I feel like when I was praying for Brock one day that the Lord told me that He has an amazing strength in him and also that Brock has a river of joy that flows through him. He will touch others with that joy and be an atmoshere changer. I will be following your process and praying for you and your family the whole way through, can't tell you how excited I am. Also going to be trying to raise funds for you guys through facebook. God bless you!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your journey and the homecoming of little Brock!

    1. Lacy, thank you so much for praying for Brock! What a blessing you are! I cannot tell you how nice it is to know that there are other people out there that care for him so much. I had the same feeling about him as well. My little girl Alaska was born with Down Syndrome, she is 2 months older that Brock, and she definately has a river of joy that flows through her. I cannot wait to bring the two together, they are going to be best brother and sister I just know! Thank you so much for your prayers and your help. We do plan on having at least one online giveaway with a bigger ticket item like maybe a Kindle Fire. So maybe you could share it on your FB wall? It will be a couple of months, we want to get the home study done up first, and then focus more on raising funds for dossier submission, foriegn fees and travel! God bless you! And thank you again.

  3. I would love to put that on my facebook page when you do it! I would love to help raise funds in any way I can. I was thinking of doing a local raffel around here(Sonora) just for friends and family to buy and help get that number up on his sponsership up :)! I think what this website is doing with donations is such a blessing! I have heard it gets really expensive. Sewing into this for me is an outlet of what is in my heart also, we are planning on adopting someday. I love your story of how you came to know Brock was the one for your family. God knows the perfect fit for your family and is going to bless your family unit as a whole for you guys steping out in faith! That is amazing that you have another little on so close to his age, how fun! Thank you so much for writing me back, I am so blessed to be able to see the process as your family goes through it! It made my day and gave me so much joy! God bless you! Please let me know when you do the online giveaway :)